Wiking 54202 Box semi-trailer (Volvo F88) "Newexco"

Box semi-trailer (Volvo F88) "Newexco"

Box semi-trailer (Volvo F88) 'Newexco'

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Box semi-trailer (Volvo F88) 'Newexco'

The forwarding company with Dutch roots

The company started out as ANEXCO, the Dutch acronym for Algemene Nederlandse EXpeditie Compagnie, and provided cross-border services transporting paper and cardboard. After the Dutch owners sold their shares to German logistics company Rhenus in 1965, the name of the business was changed to Newexco. As the forwarder was the preferred choice of German paper mill Nordland, it comes as no surprise that the German branch was named Nordtrans. For decades, the striking road trains were a familiar sight on the roads traversing the borders. The foremost feature that lets the Volvo F88 stand out is its typically Dutch design with the area imprint of the doors and the roof sign. A genuine modern classic that transmits in every detail the authentic look and feel of the forwarding business in the late 1960s.


Sweden power for international logistics company

Driver's cab with roof sign melon yellow, interior silver grey. Chassis with cardan part, front bumper, rear fenders and air filter black-green. Black radiator grille with imprinted silver Volvo lettering and type designation. Fifth wheel plate silver. Wheels black-green. Roof sign with black-green lettering Newexco. Door imprint with black-green surfaces and white Newexco lettering. Side indicator imprint with silver door handle and silver Volvo and F88 lettering. Window surrounds plus front windscreen wipers and handles along with the handrails on the sides black. Semi-trailer with black-green chassis and wheels plus pearl white box body with roof and doors. Box imprint with two surrounding melon yellow design stripes and black-green Newexco lettering and integrated company logo.


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