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Flygplan British Airways Boeing 747-400 "100th" Negus Design, modell i metall.

Made of metal

Registration: "G-CIVB"

This 747 in the classic Negus livery worn by the BA fleet from 1974 to 1980 is the fourth and last aircraft in the small series of retro liveries commemorating the centennial of British Airways. G-CIVB will carry this retro design until its planned retirement in the year 2022. Don't miss out on the other three aircraft in this anniversary series! 533317 Boeing 747-400 – BOAC Heritage Design (News 07-08 2019) 533393 Boeing 747-400 – Landor Heritage Design (News 07-08 2019) 533492 Airbus A319 – BEA Heritage Design (New 09-10 2019)