Trix 22653 Ellok klass 185.2 "Captrain"
1:87 PRIVAT V DC Digital

Ellok klass 185.2 "Captrain"

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Ellok klass 185.2 'Captrain'

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Ellok klass 185.2 'Captrain', loket har digitaldekoder och ljudmodul, högeffektsdrivning, drivning på 4 axlar, slirskyddd, ljusväxling i färdriktningen, underhållsfria LED lampor, separat monterade detaljer, längd över buffertar 21,7 cm, epok VI.

Class 185.2 Electric Locomotive.

Prototype: CAPTRAIN Germany, Inc. class 185.2 general-purpose electric locomotive, registered in Germany. With advertising for the 150th anniversary of the Hamburg Harbor Railroad. Dual system locomotive with 4 pantographs. Locomotive road number 185 578-2. The locomotive looks as it currently does in 2016.

Model: The locomotive has a digital decoder and extensive sound functions. It has a special motor, centrally mounted. 4 axles powered by means of cardan shafts. Traction tires. The locomotive has triple headlights and dual red marker lights that will work in conventional operation and that can be controlled digitally. The headlights at Locomotive End 2 and 1 can be turned off separately in digital operation. When the headlights at both ends are turned off, then the 'Double 'A' Light' function is on at both ends. Maintenance-free warm white and red LEDs are used for the lighting. There are 4 mechanically working pantographs (no power pickup from catenary). Length over the buffers 21.7 cm / 8-1/2'.

Highlights: Digital decoder and a variety of light and sound functions included. Warm white and red LEDs for lighting. Metal body for the locomotive.

One-time series.

The type Sgnss 4-axle container transport cars to go with this locomotive can also be found in the Trix H0 new items assortment. This model has been realized with the friendly support of Captrain Germany, Inc., Berlin and the Hamburg Port Authority, Hamburg, Germany.

This model can be found in an AC version in the Märklin H0 assortment under item number 36634.

Trix Nyhet 2017.