Noch 08323 Gräs, brun, 2,5 mm, 20 gram i påse

Gräs, brun, 2,5 mm, 20 gram i påse

Gräs, brun, 2,5 mm, 20 gram i påse

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Gräs, brun, 2,5 mm, 20 gram i påse.

Grass Fibres in Muted Colours, 2.5 mm long
Yes, we have to concede: we are an Allgäu-based company and the colours of most of the meadows outside our doors are, in fact, as colourful and cheerful as the grass fibres in the NOCH product range. However, we have repeatedly received requests for grass fibres in muted colours, since a lot of modellers want to re-create landscapes in other regions of Germany, the USA, Japan, the UK, Europe, etc. We gladly met this request and this year we introduce four muted colours, which will make professional landscaping even more realistic.
The fibres are each 2.5 mm long and they can be applied with the NOCH Puffer Bottle (ref. 08100) and the Gras-Master 2.0 (ref. 60135). Furthermore, we recommend using the NOCH Grass Glue (ref. 61130).


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