Wiking 99091 Set "Blumhardt"

Set "Blumhardt"

Set 'Blumhardt'

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Set 'Blumhardt'.

Legendary semi-trailers and trailers from Wuppertal

MAN Hauber with flatbed gentian blue
Driver's cab gentian blue, interior mouse grey, fifth wheel plate silver. Chassis with tow hook, cardan part, rear fenders and wheel rims light grey. Flatbed gentian blue. Front headlamps hand-painted in silver. Grille surface black, associated vent slots, ornamental frame, 'MAN' and 'Diesel' lettering and associated logo imprinted silver. Flatbed with 'Blumhardt' logo in black on white surface.

Tanker trailer gentian blue
Tank and moveable tailgate gentian blue. Tank floor with running board, stabilizer leg and accessories, and double fenders with light grey wheel rims. 'Blumhardt' logo on rear imprinted black on white.

3-axle flatbed semi-trailer gentian blue
High-side flatbed gentian blue. Chassis for trailer with centre pivot plate and swing axle, flatbed insert, draw bar and wheel rims light grey. 'Blumhardt' logo on rear imprinted black on white.

Rear tipper trailer gentian blue
Tipper flatbed with tailgate gentian blue, chassis with tipper receptacle, axle cover and wheel rims light grey. Inserted metal tipping hook. 'Blumhardt' logo on rear imprinted black on white.


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