Wiking 51321 Box lorry (Henschel HS 14/16) "Jacobs Kaffee"

Box lorry (Henschel HS 14/16) "Jacobs Kaffee"

Box lorry (Henschel HS 14|16) 'Jacobs Kaffee'

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Box lorry (Henschel HS 14/16) 'Jacobs Kaffee', 1961.

Now the Henschel HS 14/16 for Jacobs-Krönung

Tractor unit: Upper part of driver's cab in traffic yellow, lower part in black. Interior fawn brown. Chassis in black. Wheels traffic yellow. Front of driver's cab with Henschel lettering in silver, lower part of the driver's cab front with silver painted Henschel star and headlamp rings. Indicators yellow orange and door handles painted silver. Headlamps hand-painted in silver. Semi-trailer: Box trailer with traffic yellow upper part, as well as box roof and rear doors. Lower part, as well as rear fenders of the box trailer black, wheels in traffic yellow. Side lettering 'Jacobs Kaffee' black on upper part of box, red eye-catcher with white claim 'Wunderbar' on black underpart of the box. Rear box doors likewise with black brand name 'Jacobs Kaffee' and red eye-catcher with white claim 'Wunderbar'.


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