Wiking 48801 Flatbed lorry (Krupp 806) "Walhalla Kalk"

Flatbed lorry (Krupp 806) "Walhalla Kalk"

Flatbed lorry (Krupp 806) 'Walhalla Kalk'

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Flatbed lorry (Krupp 806) 'Walhalla Kalk', 1964.

Krupp brought the limestone to building materials dealers

Tractor unit: Chassis with cardan part in reed green, driver's cab in grey white. Interior with steering wheel grey. Front fenders, as well as rear double fenders chrome oxide green. Fifth wheel plate in silver. Wheels chrome oxide green. Radiator grille with embellishment in silver and Krupp logo. Driver cab sides with silver ornamental strips and door handle. Indicators imprinted yellow orange. Front headlamps in silver. Side door imprint with lettering 'Walhalla Kalk' in mouse grey, as well as logo in chrome oxide green/mouse grey. Semi-trailer: Flatbed and tarp grey white, flatbed insert silver grey. Chassis and support foot in reed green. Double fenders and wheels chrome oxide green. Tarp with lettering 'Walhalla Kalk' in mouse grey and logo in chrome oxide green/mouse grey.


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