Revell 06474 Dinosaurie "Allosaurus"

Dinosaurie "Allosaurus"

Dinosaurie 'Allosaurus'
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Dinosaurie 'Allosaurus', längd 32,6 cm, höjd 25 cm, totalt antal delar 28 st, svårighetsgrad 3, plastbyggsats.

Lim, pensel och 4 färger.

Allosaurus was the undisputed lord of all land creatures at its time. It belongs to the group of large carnivorous dinosaurs and lived 190 to 136 million years ago in the Jurassic Period. The average body length was 6 to 7 metres, although others grew to 11 to 14 metres. The powerful jaws had large pointed teeth with which Allosaurus tore its prey apart. It moved on very strong hind limbs. The forelimbs, which were much smaller and probably used for grasping, had three fingers ending in sharp claws. Weighing not less than 2 tons, it is unlikely to have been particularly fast. A complex hunting technique ensured success, for Allosaurus was cunning rather than brutal and preyed upon is victims from a hiding place.

Contents: 1 plastic model kit, 4 Aqua Color paints, glue and paintbrush

- Detailed head with teeth
- Movable tail
- Movable claw and forelimb
- Movable handlimbs
- Rotatable head


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