Modeling Workbench: Modeling Workstation

Modeling Workbench: Modeling Workstation

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Modeling Workbench: Modeling Workstation.

Modeling Workstation or Modeling Workbench, especially naval models, thanks to which you can keep your modeler tools in order. Complete it with the reference 27648P, which is a fantastic organizer of paintings. The top incorporates a helmet holder, thanks to which you will be able to hold your boats in their correct position while working with.


The Modeling Workstation or Workbench, especially for naval models, is composed of linden board, besides being a particularly beautiful and attractive material, offers two additional advantages: it is resistant to the passage of time and at the same time is light. In this way, the Modeling Workstation is absolutely portable. Its measurements make it fit anywhere in your home or workbench. We recommend the use of cyanoacrylate (if using accelerator gets better fixation) or white glue. Its measurements are 545 mm width, 340 mm height and 235 mm depth.


The Modeling Workstation has the following elements: on both sides, it incorporates a handle for a more comfortable handling. Inside, they fit all kinds of hand tools and an A4 size cutter. It includes 5 drawer units in transparent plastic for small pieces or trimmings and a wooden drawer for larger pieces or tools.On the sides, there is a dedicated space for magazines, instructions or catalogs and another for wood, plastic or metal slats.

On its tray can be placed any type of model (includes 4 removable tabs to support a boat hull). It is important to note that this Portable Workshop can be used for activities other than modeling. For example, crafts, sewing, work with clay... And you can leave it with its original appearance or customize it by painting it according to your tastes and imagination.

At the same time, we have created a Paint Organizer, made of the same material and quality, and designed to fit inside the Portable Workstation.


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