Märklin 36290 Diesellok klass 247 typ Vectron DE
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Diesellok klass 247 typ Vectron DE

Diesellok klass 247 typ Vectron DE
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Diesellok klass 247 typ Vectron DE, loket har mfx digitaldekoder och ljudmodul, specialmotor, drivning på 4 axlar, slirskydd, ljusväxling, längd över buffertar 22,9 cm, epok VI.

Class 247 Diesel Locomotive Model: This diesel locomotive is constructed of metal and has an mfx digital decoder and extensive sound functions. It has a special motor, centrally mounted. 4 axles powered by means of cardan shafts. Traction tires. The locomotive has triple headlights and dual red marker lights that will work in conventional operation and that can be controlled digitally. The headlights at Locomotive End 2 and 1 can be turned off separately in digital operation. When the headlights at both ends are turned off, then the 'Double 'A' Light' function is on at both ends. Warm white and red LEDs are used for the lighting. Length over the buffers 22.9 cm / 9'.

Prototype: Class 247 diesel electric locomotive (Vectron DE) from Siemens Mobility, Munich.

36290/T22281 Siemens Class 247 (Vectron DE)At the Berlin Innotrans show in 2010 Siemens presented a surprise for all customers and competitors in the form of the diesel electric Vectron DE 247 901 as another member of its Vectron platform. Like its predecessor the Eurorunner, the Vectron DE transfers pulling power by means of pivots, the pinion quill drive that is easy on track, the straight, panic-proof side passages, and between them the uncluttered engine room arrangement with optimal access and when necessary easier replacement of components. The engine room is divided into three separate compartments. The underbody of the locomotive consists of two side sills, a center sill, two pivot cross members, two power pack cross members, cross members at the ends. Both standard and wide gauge trucks can be installed on this locomotive. The welded trucks have wheel set steering with wishbones whereby the power transmission is done with low-hinged pivots and Flexicoil springs. The self-supporting superstructure consists of the cabs, the engine room side walls, and three removable roof segments. The crash elements on the ends of the locomotive with their striking end shape are designed to crumple in collisions in a controlled fashion and thus protect the engineer from injuries. Aside from the pantographs, the Vectron DE differs very little from its electric siblings and is just a meter / 39 inches longer.The core of the locomotive is a motor from the newest generation of the successful MTU class 4000, specifically a type 16V 4000 R84 motor with 2,400 kilowatts / 3,217 horsepower performance. This motor is considerably below the European Level EU IIIB emissions regulations in effect since 2012 for railroad drive systems. Attached to the motor is the generator to provide current for the four three-phase asynchronous traction motors. This power module (motor and generator) is centrally mounted in the center compartment und compared to the locomotive body is mounted elastically on lateral motion absorbers. The motor compartment is especially soundproof to reduce noise emissions considerably. In addition to its field of activity in freight service, the maximum speed of 160 km/h / 100 mph also allows the locomotive to be used with no problem in regional passenger service.Since January of 2015 road number 247 901 has been available as 'PCW 9' to the Siemens test center in Wegberg-Wildenrath. In the second half of 2015, Siemens built three more Vectron DE (247 902-904) units at its own cost that can be made available or leased on request to interested transportation companies for testing. There are however no orders yet for this diesel electric variation.

A DC model can be found in the Trix H0 assortment under item number 22281.

New tooling for the modern Siemens Vectron DE diesel electric locomotive.
A built-in mfx decoder and a variety of sound functions included on the locomotive.
Detailed, affordable beginner's model with extensive features.
Larger than Its Brothers

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