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Låg godsvagn för lastbilstransport typ Saadkms 690 DV "Rullande landsvägen" DB

Låg godsvagn för lastbilstransport typ Saadkms 690 DV 'Rullande landsvägen' DB
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Låg godsvagn för lastbilstransport typ Saadkms 690 DV 'Rullande landsvägen'
Slutvagn med två sväng- oich avtagbara bufferttbalkar, låskilar och specialkoppel för låga godsvagnar meföljer, 2 special-kortkoppel för samman koppling med vagnar och lok som är utrustade med normalkoppel, längd över buffertar 23,2 cm

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) type Saadkms 690 for the 'Rollende Landstraße' Car Association.

Model: End car with 2 hinged and removable buffer beams. Chock blocks for trucks and special coupling for depressed floor flat cars are included. 2 special close couplers are included for coupling this car to locomotives and cars with the standard coupler. Length over the buffers 23.2 cm / 9-1/8' . DC wheel set 8 x 432950.

The slumber coaches for the 'Rollende Landstraße' or 'Rolling Road', in which the truck drivers can accompany their rigs, bear the colors of Kombiverkehr, Inc. Since this form of transport takes place mostly at night, a slumber coach is usually included in the train, in which the trucker can sleep to the destination station. This car is located directly behind the locomotive most of the time. The 'Rollende Landstraße' trains transport complete trucks ranging from the truck/trailer combination to semi rigs straight across Europe. This reduces the traffic load on the freeways. Next to Germany, Switzerland and Austria with their Alpine through traffic are probably the most important transit countries in Europe. For this reason the Austrian Federal Railways and the Swiss Federal Railways (through the HUPAC Company) participate with the German Federal Railroad in the 'Rollende Landstraße' concept for transport by rail between Germany and Italy. Despite this cross border cooperation, the available capacity has been sufficient up till now for only a small part of the truck transit traffic.


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