Wiking 66205 Cable excavator F 301 (Fuchs) "Züblin"

Cable excavator F 301 (Fuchs) "Züblin"

Cable excavator F 301 (Fuchs) "Züblin"

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Cable excavator F 301 (Fuchs) "Züblin".

The first Züblin workhorse, the Unimog 411, is now joined by the Fuchs cable excavator, flaunting the same company colours. Today, the F 301 is the most recognizable Fuchs excavator, which is not unexpected given the more than 15,000 units that have sold of this model over the span of two decades. In hindsight, the success of this model should come as no surprise seeing as the manufacturer continuously developed the dragline excavator over the years of its production and made it available with a host of equipment options. WIKING aimed to stay as true as possible to the model years 1959 and 1970 of the F 301 prototype version – which is evident in the engine hood at the front right that was used for maintenance work in the original. An extra that will thrill the collector: The Fuchs F 301 with excavator bucket and wrecking ball brandishes the colours of the Züblin company.

Year manufacture

Character of model
The one for the tough jobs at Züblin

Crane structure with cab, high jib storage and engine hood, as well as cable winch in signal yellow, interior with steering wheel black. Chassis with cardan part and wheel rims also black. Crane boom signal yellow with black-grey bucket. Wrecking ball black grey. Front headlamps silver-painted, tail lights imprinted red, indicators imprinted orange. Black company lettering “Fuchs 301” on the rear. Bonnet with black “Züblin” lettering.


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