Wiking 99077 Set "Historical Petrol Stations"

Set "Historical Petrol Stations"

Set 'Historical Petrol Stations'
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Set 'Historical Petrol Stations'.

When Rheinpreussen dominated the petrol station scene

Petrol station building:
Roof in mint green, foundation slab in concrete grey, side walls and windows as well as front and back walls in white. Rheinpreussen logo on the side walls in green and black. Signs on the front for Counter, Service and Price lists as well as Rheinpreussen logo in green and black.

Filling station:
Petrol pumps along with oil tank in mint green, central section in white. Foundation slab in concrete grey.

Signpost :
Post with sign in white, attached to base in concrete grey. Rheinpreussen logo printed on both sides of the sign in green and black.

Opel Blitz Rheinpreussen tanker:
Drivers cab as well as chassis with trailer coupling and integrated front mudguards in mint green. Tank assembly and base along with cardan section and wheel rims also in mint green. Drivers cab with roof painted in white as well as silver radiator grille bearing the Blitz logo. Rhein-preussen logo painted on the side doors in green, white und black. Rheinpreussen painted on the side of the tank in white. Front headlamps in silver and tail lamps painted in carmine red.

Traffic island, arc lamps and oil drums:
Traffic island in concrete grey with hand-painted white position lights, two arc lamps with hand-painted glass domes in white as well as bases in concrete grey; oil drums painted in mint green with hand-painted tops in white.


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