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Set 'ASG'
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Set 'ASG'

Just like it used to be at the ASG depot

Country house Ground slab concrete grey, two side parts, one front part and rear wall melon yellow. An internal wall with two doors and two internal walls with one door, as well as another partition wall likewise melon yellow. Roof sapphire blue. Transparent window panes and historic outside lamp enclosed. Door sign design with reference to transportation haulage company with ASG logo and contoured lettering. Door bell and window design on the front sapphire blue. Rear and side designs with window sills and windows sapphire blue.

Petrol station Petrol pumps and oil cabinet sapphire blue. Ground slab concrete grey, panels and front screens melon yellow.

Volvo PV 544 with trailer Body sapphire blue, interior anthracite grey. Chassis black, bumpers and radiator grille melon yellow. Inserted black tow hook, headlamps transparent and tail lights red transparent inserts. Wheel rims melon yellow. Side door imp

Forklift truck Body block, chassis and lifting mast sapphire blue. Forks and three-spoke steering wheel melon yellow.