Wiking 99096 Set 'Lepoix'

Set "Lepoix"

Set 'Lepoix'
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Set 'Lepoix'

Model-making highlights of the Lepoix life´s work in 1

Today the Schlüter bonnet in Art Déco style alone is considered to be a consummate design icon, an agricultural dream, as it were. More than a few aficionados maintain that it is even numbered among the masterpieces of German industrial design. Since 1962 Lepoix gave all Schlüter tractors their powerful appearance. Today the French engineer and designer, Louis Lucien Lepoix (1918-1998) is considered one of the most productive industrial designers, in 1947 he started drawing the first vehicles in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance under the name of Esthétique Technique or Technisch Künstlerische Beratung. In 1952 Louis L. Lepoix chose Baden-Baden for his residence and work location. From this time on his design studio, Form Technic International (fti design) worked with the most famous automakers of that decade. In retrospect, the fact that so many brands originated from the same pen shows how little commercial vehicle industry relied on its own designer creativity. In this regard Lepoix was so influential, particularly in truck design for the era of cubic cabs. Hard to believe that he also created the legendary Kienzle parking meter and the Bic cigarette lighter, both instantly recognisable. Solo tractor (Henschel HS 14/16) Upper part of drivers cab window grey, lower part of driver's cab and fifth wheel plate papyrus white. Interior, as well as wheels and chassis, blue grey. Front of driver's cab with silver Henschel lettering. In addition, yellow orange indicators and silver Henschel star, as well as silver headlamp rings. Driver's cab sides with yellow-orange indicators and silver door handle. Imprinted carmine red tail lights, headlamps hand-painted in silver.Solo tractor (Magirus 235 D) Upper part of drivers cab window grey, lower part of driver's cab papyrus white. Blue grey front grille with window grey lines and cross-pieces. Chassis and interior with integrated steering wheel, as well as wheels in blue grey, rear double fenders and fifth wheel plate in papyrus white. Driver's cab doors with silver Magirus logo. Driver's cab sides with silver door handles and yellow-orange indicators. Rear carmine red tail lights imprinted. Front driver's cab with silver headlamps painted by hand.Car transporter (MB) Driver cab with lower part of driver's cab, as well as bumper and fenders, but also ramps in papyrus white. Interior blue grey, window grey radiator grille with silver Mercedes-Benz star. Chassis with cardan part and wheels blue grey. Upper and lower transport platforms window grey. Door handles silver, tail lights carmine red. Front headlamps hand-painted silver.Schlüter Super 1250 VL Chassis with cardan part, interior and panel, as well as axle mounting, steering shaft, exhaust and steering wheel blue grey. Spotlights right and left papyrus white with light surface painted silver. Bonnet and fenders, as well as roof window grey, cab papyrus white. Wheels blue grey. Bonnet with grey radiator grille surfaces and silver ornamental strips. Rear fenders with carmine red tail lights.Moped (Kreidler Florett) Moped and handlebar window grey. Seat cushion black imprinted. Silver headlamp and red tail light hand-painted.

WIKING builds a bridge to an icon of design


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