Wiking 38597 Traktor MB Trac - yellow

Traktor MB Trac - yellow

Traktor MB Trac - yellow

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Traktor MB Trac - yellow.

The MB Trac was versatile in every sense of the word, even when it came to its colour design. WIKING is updating this system tractor of the 1970s with a bright rapeseed exterior. The MB Trac epitomises an alternative tractor concept that made quite a splash when it was introduced at the time. The MB Trac also attracted a variety of customers as a tractor unit for use on industrial yards. The farmers of the day who placed their orders with Mercedes-Benz were sure to draw suspicion from the adjacent farms given the unusual design principle of this tractor. And, since the unorthodox design with its tires of equal size and the equipment rack option on the rear was also uniquely innovative, WIKING decided to miniaturise the vehicle as early as 1975

Year manufacture

Character of model
System tractor for agriculture and industry

Body with cab and bonnet rapeseed yellow. Chassis with driver's seat and engine, exhaust and fenders black. Wheels rapeseed yellow. Bonnet imprinted black at the top, radiator grille with silver Mercedes-Benz star. Black ventilation grille on the flanks of the bonnet. Grille surface imprinted black on the front, rear tail lights imprinted red. Hand-painted silver headlamps.


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