Wiking 01103 Jeep "W & W Holzbau"

Jeep "W & W Holzbau"

Jeep 'W & W Holzbau'
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Jeep 'W & W Holzbau'

US classic of the W&W Holzbau series

Originating from surplus US military supplies, the prototypes was given a new purpose in civilian life be it in the handicraft trade or in forestry. Now complementing the W&W Holzbau series, the Jeep also comes with a cable winch for added refinement. WIKING founder Friedrich Peltzer decided early on to make a miniature model of a Jeep later moulding it after the Kaiser Jeep CJ5 and its military version, the M38-A1. Its signature features included the rounded fenders, a bonnet with an elevated contour in the middle and a split windscreen with wiper arms that are mounted at the top. An essential part of WIKING's product range for many years, the model is now staging a comeback as a version designed for the handicraft trade.


Military icon in civilian life

Upper part of the body and fuel canister pine green, chassis with tow hook and seats concrete grey. Cable winch with silver pulley holder and black cable pulley. Headlamps hand-painted silver. Tail lights imprinted red. Hubcaps concrete grey. Bonnet with silver W&W Holzbau lettering printed on the sides.