Sparmax AC-27 Kompressor AC-27 Achieve för airbrush

Kompressor AC-27 Achieve för airbrush

Kompressor AC-27 Achieve för airbrush
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Kompressor AC-27 Achieve för airbrush.

Product description:

The first model in our ACHIEVE series; the immediately noticeable difference is the inclusion of both a pressure adjustment knob and a pressure gauge on the model. Going from the Discover series to the Achieve, you will begin to have greater control of airflow and receive more feedback from the compressor. When your work requires you to work with a number of preset pressure for different situations, being able to view your adjusted working pressure on the gauge becomes essential. Still maintaining its compact size, this light-weight compressor unit is easy to storage, and features an airbrush holder for convenience. 

| Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor

| 2M braided hose

| Built-in pressure gauge 

| Built-in Airbrush holder 

| Pressure adjustable to match your application

| Suitable for general arts, hobby, makeup, nail art, body art & temporary body tattoo


Product detail:

* 0.51 CFM (14.5 l/min) Flow
* 45 psi (3.1 bar) Max. Pressure
* 110 Watt (1/7 HP)
* 54 dbA
* 1/8" male outlet
* 2.9Kg
* 150 x 155 x 177mm (WxDxH)
* 220/240V


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