Lenz 21101 Handreglage LH101

Handreglage LH101

Handreglage LH101

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Handreglage LH101.

9999 addresses for digital locomotives
•Rotary Speed control
•addresses are entered via number keys
•one key allows you to change between the last two addresses ('toggle')
•Stack of 8 loco addresses for your loco collection (Easy to overwrite with new addresses)
•Control of 29 Locomotive decoder functions (Lights, Smoke, Sound...)
•Locomotive decoder functions can be switched or momentary operation (Momentary is useful for bells and whistles)
•another key serves to change the direction of travel
•emergency stop key serves to stop all locomotives immediately
•display indicates the function
•synchronised control of several locomotives into a double or multiple traction
•if a switch decoder (that supports the feedback function) is used, the LH101 can feed back the real status of points
•this function also allows feedback on the status of the inputs of feedback modules LR101
•Program locomotive and accessory decoders - Programming track and Programming on main (PoM)
•up to 1024 points, signals, magnetic articles and other accessories can be controlled.
•New Routes Mode
•New Club mode Handset can be limited to a single loco for an inexperienced driver to operate.
•Works with the LZV100 Version 3.6 Software


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