ZAP PT04 Zap-A-Gap 7 gram (0.25 oz), lim för trä, plast, metall, keramik, glas, gummi, m.m.

Zap-A-Gap 7 gram (0.25 oz), lim för trä, plast, metall, keramik, glas, gummi, m.m.

Zap-A-Gap 7 gram (0.25 oz), lim för trä, plast, metall, keramik, glas, gummi, m.m.
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Zap-A-Gap, lim för trä, plast, metall, keramik, glas, gummi, m.m.

Ett riktigt bra lim för flera olika material.

- Superior Gap Filling Forumla
- Medium Viscosity
- Allows Approximately 7 to 10 Seconds For Part Positioning
- Average Of 20 Seconds For Curing
- Works On Oily Surfaces

ZAP-A-GAP CA+ Is the best selling instant glue in the world. The ability to bond virtually anything to anything with consistency unequalled by any other brand makes it the favorite adhesive across many varied disciplines. Widely used throughout the hobby industry, it is the absolute best and most consistent performing glue for model building and crafting. Some uses besides hobbies and crafts include; jewelry manufacturing and repair, taxidermy, pool cue tips, darts, archery, knife making, mold and pattern making, furniture refinishing and antique repair, auto detailing, dental molds and patterns, ceramic repair, and for fishing, fly line splicing and fly tying. For manufacturing, the ability to bond metal and / or plastic parts allows for fast simple fixturing and positioning for assembly or machining. Wood turners and manufactures of custom wood products appreciate the ability of ZAP-A-GAP CA+ to help save their projects by filling in and bonding cracks that often occur in expensive hard woods. Wood, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, fabric, rubber, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or any combination of, ZAP-A-GAP CA+ can help solve many tough bonding problems.

Helpful Hints:

A little goes a long way! More glue doesnt always mean a stronger joint. Only apply enough glue to evenly coat the area to be bonded when the parts are joined. Many times glue needs to be applied only to one part. Working or positioning time will vary depending on the material. Even though ZAP-A-GAP CA+ is a gap filling formula, some of it will wick into porous materials. For porous products you may have to apply more glue to get the strongest bond, it would be best to try bonding some test pieces to determine the proper amount. For modeling applications where a small fillet is desirable, bond the parts and let the glue set, then go back and create the fillet, use kicker to immediately set the glue. For critical applications test sample joints for the designed strength requirements.


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