Noch 12852 Ljudmodul "Hundar"

Ljudmodul "Hundar"

Ljudmodul "Hundar"

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Ljudmodul "Hundar".

Bow-Wow – The Guardian of the Landscape!

The NOCH Sound Scene »Dogs« transforms a model landscape with miniature animals into an even more realistic scene.

The dog is a very popular pet, whether at home or on the farm. He keeps watch and scares off strangers from his territory. Caution is advised here, because »Dogs« can be intimidating with their loud barking. Are such guardians lacking on your model layout? Then we have just the thing for you: the dog whose barking is heard by everyone. This true-to-life sound should not be missing among dog lovers!

A sound with typical noises is included to match the NOCH H0 gauge model figures. Bring some sound to your model landscape!

Thanks to the compact design of the electronic board with loudspeaker, sound can be installed precisely where it should be. The connection is made via a standard 16 V model railway transformer. Suitable for AC or DC.
Sound: »Woof, woof, grrr«