Wiking 61244 Fire brigade - AT LF (MAN TGM Euro 6/Rosenbauer)

Fire brigade - AT LF (MAN TGM Euro 6/Rosenbauer)

Fire brigade - AT LF (MAN TGM Euro 6/Rosenbauer)

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Fire brigade - AT LF (MAN TGM Euro 6/Rosenbauer).

WIKING is upgrading the AT series made by Rosenbauer - with a hose reel of the latest generation and a water cannon mounted on the roof. These upgrades let this all-rounder fire engine from Germany and Austria resemble the original even more closely. And, just as you would expect from a Rosenbauer emergency vehicle, the design of the driver's cab, the transparent crew cab and the superstructure is as influential and distinctive as can be. Rosenbauer in particular is regarded as a trailblazer for an emergency vehicle design that is visually striking and highly functional at the same time. With an up-to-the-minute auxiliary fire engine, WIKING has realised the new AT series in the 1:87 scale and at the same time miniaturised the influential design of the original generation. The AT series on MAN’s TGM chassis looks like a typical HLF 20-16, which has become the standard with medium-sized and major fire brigades following the turn of the millennium.

Character of model
Auxiliary fire engine with cutting-edge equipment

Steps white, chassis with cardan part and rear superstructure black. Crew cabin doors with glass door tinted in topaz. Black-grey mount for water cannon, silver wheels. Anthracite grey blinds on the sides, water cannon and rear roof light white. Inserted warning lights at the front and the rear in transparent blue. Silver ladder inserted at the rear, pump black grey. Hose reel with white holding frame and black mounting. Bright yellow hose. Driver's cab front imprint with zinc-yellow Feuerwehr lettering and warning strips. Windscreen wipers and air intakes black. Side mirror holders and ornamental strips on driver's cab black. Side ornamental strips and emergency number 112 zinc yellow. Radiator grille with two flasher elements painted silver. Crew cabin doors with black window frame and imprinted with silver R logo. Blinds on both sides with black frame and handles plus imprinted red Rosenbauer lettering. Zinc-yellow warning lines on both sides with red Feuerwehr lettering and emergency number 112.


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