Wiking 48804 Flatbed tractor trailer (MB LPS 333)

Flatbed tractor trailer (MB LPS 333)

Flatbed tractor trailer (MB LPS 333)

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Flatbed tractor trailer (MB LPS 333).

The Pullman has character - back then, as a flatbed tractor-trailer operated by the Gustav Mäuler forwarding company and today as a 1:87 WIKING model. No wonder that the fire red colours of this Remscheid forwarding company turned heads wherever their Mercedes-Benz semi-trailers with the forward-control tractor units turned up. Only two years after the height of the Great Depression Gustav Mäuler went into business for himself as a small haulier in 1934. And later, after the war, when his entrepreneurial spirit along with his optimism were reignited, he expanded the fleet of his forwarding company by adding - primarily - MAN machines, but also some vehicles made by Mercedes-Benz. Throughout the decades, the company stayed true to the typical design of the company name and the flanks of the flatbed - the white name of the founder with its black shadowing became the distinguishing marks of these long-distance transporters.

Year manufacture

Character of model
Mäuler's fire red Pullman flatbed tractor-trailer

Fire red driver's cab with mouse grey interior. Inserted steering wheel anthracite grey. Oxide red radiator grille with Mercedes-Benz star painted silver. Chassis with bumpers as well as front and rear double fenders and cardan part oxide red. Fifth wheel plate silver inserted, wheels oxide red. Front of driver's cab with silver ornamental strips and side door handles. White DKS logo, indicators orange. Semi-trailer with fire red flatbed and basalt-grey tarp. Flatbed insert silver grey. Chassis without underride protection and support rollers, wheels and double fenders oxide red. Flatbed tractor-trailer lettering on the side with white typography Gustav Mäuler Remscheid, contoured with black shadowing.


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