Wiking 27102 Flatbed truck with mount. tank (MB L 408) "Homberg"

Flatbed truck with mount. tank (MB L 408) "Homberg"

Flatbed truck with mount. tank (MB L 408) "Homberg"

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Flatbed truck with mount. tank (MB L 408) "Homberg".

Formerly headquartered in Wuppertal-Barmen, Homberg kept households supplied with mineral oil. While also catering to the petrol stations of the region, their heating oil deliveries made the distribution vehicles easily recognisable in everyday life. Soon after its delivery from the Düsseldorf transporter plant the MB L 408 was outfitted with a mountable tank, turning the truck into a vehicle that was virtually ideal for providing reliable deliveries to private households. Accordingly, WIKING has equipped this Düsseldorf transporter with a mountable tank that reflects the contemporary design. Mineral oil and fuel were supplied by J. & A. Homberg, a wholesaler of mineral oil whose name will only ring a bell to older drivers hailing from the regions of Siegerland, Bergisches Land and the Ruhr Valley. Homberg’s principal officers were in Wuppertal-Barmen and also operated with larger branches in Siegen and Solingen. In these cities and the surrounding rural areas Homberg maintained their own network of petrol stations in the 1950s and 1960s.

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This is how Homberg delivered heating oil to the basement


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