Wiking 54302 Refrigerated semi-trailer (MB) "Transthermos"

Refrigerated semi-trailer (MB) "Transthermos"

Refrigerated semi-trailer (MB) 'Transthermos'
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Refrigerated semi-trailer (MB) 'Transthermos'

Cubic series with frosty cargo

With a new WIKING radiator grille, the cubic generation from the revitalised moulds of the late 1960s appears authentic and clearly differentiated from the already recognisable fronts of the drivers cab. In the colour scheme of the refrigerated forwarding company Transthermos, the long-distance rigs with succinct dual colour scheme now join the range. WIKING enthusiasts have long known that the authenticity of this refrigerated road train is another encounter with the 1960s and subsequent 1970s. A Transthermos combination with Hanomag Henschel recently joined the range and now there is its Mercedes-Benz counterpart.


Refrigerated transports with a new radiator grille

Driver's cab white, interior traffic grey, fifth wheel plate silver. Radiator grille, bumper part with chassis and cardan part, fenders and wheel rims light azure blue. Headlamps hand-painted in silver. Radiator grille with silver-painted Mercedes-Benz star and ornamental strips. Sides of the drivers cab with light azure blue Transthermos logo and same colour fender edges. Semi-trailer box with roof and doors white, trailer chassis with support rollers, double fenders and wheel rims light azure blue. Surrounding stripes and Transthermos lettering light azure blue, Hamburg - Bremen - München route lettering and Kühlverkehr lettering carmine red. Rear door with Transthermos logo light azure blue with carmine red Kühlverkehr lettering.


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