OcCre 53002 Madrid Cibeles Tram

Madrid Cibeles Tram

Madrid Cibeles Tram

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Madrid Cibeles Tram, byggsats i trä, komplett, med mässing, nysilverdetaljer m.m.

Skala 1:24
Längd 39,5 cm
Bredd 11,5 cm
Höjd 17,2 cm

Surrender to the thrill and get carried away by the age in which these marvellous trams circulated through our streets.

The “Cibeles” model represents a Madrid tram belonging to the C.E.M.T. (Madrid Electric Traction Company). These trams were originally painted red, which was why people called them “cangrejos” (crabs), a nickname that has stuck until the present day, despite the fact that way back in 1908, when they were brought from the C.E.M.T. by the Sociedad General, the color was changed to yellow.

The “cangrejo” is a tram from 1901, belonging to the series 1-20. It could carry 15 passengers sitting in crossways wooden benches, 7 standing on the driver’s platforms and 10 on the other. She was fitted with 2 A-B-60 Schuckert 30 HP electric motors. Each tram was manned by a driver and a conductor.

Assembling, step by step, this marvellous kit model of the Cibeles tram will provide you with lengthy and splendid periods of creative leisure, recreating a faithful replica of the original Madrid tram, with all its details.


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