Wiking 97401 Wheel loader (Hanomag) - water blue

Wheel loader (Hanomag) - water blue

Wheel loader (Hanomag) - water blue

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Wheel loader (Hanomag) - water blue.

It has always been the “large” 1:87 prototypes that guaranteed the success of WIKING's miniatures in the N-gauge market segment. The company now intends to achieve the same level of success with a 1:160 scale miniature of this construction machinery classic! WIKING is revealing the widely known and beloved Hanomag wheel loader B11. Better yet, this water-blue débutante fits in seamlessly with the other models of the construction site range that come in the same colour. The designers were able to take cues from master model maker Alfred Kedzierski, who at the time had to slightly stylise the WIKING model to achieve the necessary functionality. The result is a Hanomag wheel loader model that enjoys the level of miniaturisation that is typical of WIKING while even retaining the movability of the front lifter with bucket. Considered to be the larger brother of the B8, the Hanomag B11 boasted a powerful 6-cylinder engine that generated 110 hp. Remarkably, no fewer than 2,423 units of this ten-tonne wheel loader were delivered.

Year manufacture

Character of model
Hanomag wheel loader, a WIKING legend in N-gauge, too

Lower part of the machine and front loader water blue. Chassis with bucket water blue. Black type imprint on the side with lettering “Hanomag B11”. Tail lights on the rear imprinted red. Wheels imprinted red. Roof surface painted water blue.