Wiking 07147 Opel Rekord '60 V`Caravan 'DB'

Opel Rekord "60 V`Caravan "DB"

Opel Rekord '60 V`Caravan 'DB'
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Opel Rekord '60 V`Caravan 'DB'

DB signalling department swore by the Opel Caravan

The Opel Caravan was ready when technical assistance was required at the trackside back then the signalling department was a byword for the reliability and technical expertise of the former German Federal Railways. Then as now, perfect functioning of the signals was a top priority for the railway. In the post-war decades, it was the signalling department who headed to the work site in their grey service vehicles with the name of the depot right underneath the golden DB logo. Nowadays the former signalling experts still work in signalling and safety technology. The Opel Rekord 1960s Caravan performed its service faithfully over many years on behalf of the German Federal Railways. The grey paintwork made it unmistakably clear that the vehicle was part of the railway's road-based rolling stock.


Contemporary DB service vehicle


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