Wiking 35202 Towing vehicle (Opel Blitz) "Gasolin"

Towing vehicle (Opel Blitz) "Gasolin"

Towing vehicle (Opel Blitz) 'Gasolin'
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Towing vehicle (Opel Blitz) 'Gasolin'

Gasolin took care of car maintenance even during a breakdown

By 1971, the Gasolin corporate colours had built up a presence on the roads of West Germany, but this came to an end - the great post-war brand was renamed as it became subsumed into the Aral network. Up until that point, the Opel Blitz was one of the standard vehicles at the various locations. And the towing vehicle, which WIKING produced on a 1:87 scale, was considered one of the most important helpers at many stations. This is because Gasolin had reliable vehicle maintenance written large on its red-and-white flags the comprehensive service over and above refuelling made the customers appreciate the petrol pump attendant. Gasolin was once an institution among the petrol station network of the Federal Republic of Germany. After all, by the end of the 1960s, 3,500 petrol stations were flying the red-and-white brand identity flag a popular fuel brand with a high level of sympathy and acceptance. The companys market strength was a result of its existing supplier concentration, which had been helped in the 1950s when 800 blue-and-yellow NITAG petrol stations were brought under the Gasolin flag. In 1971, it was the turn of the Gasolin brand. Within just a few months, all of the petrol stations had been integrated into the ARAL network. Initially having a blue-and-white brand logo stuck over the top, the Gasolin colours soon disappeared altogether.


Helper for the petrol station tenant

Driver's cab with chassis, Cardan part and wheel rims red. Interior with steering wheel anthracite grey. Driver's cab roof imprinted silver. Orange, transparent emergency light in silver base inserted in the middle of the roof. Flatbed white. Crane arm and crane mounting silver. Front headlamps hand-painted silver. Front radiator grille, Opel lettering and lightning logo imprinted silver. Driver's cab doors with white-red-black Gasolin logo. Door handle and side indicators imprinted black. Flatbed with Gasolin lettering on the side. Tail lights carmine red.


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