Noch 14397 Sauna with View

Sauna with View

Sauna with View
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Sauna with View.

Length: 89.00 mm
Width: 43.00 mm
Height: 35.00 mm

Laser-Cut minis Kit (without figures)

The Small Things are Important in Life!
The Laser-Cut minis from NOCH are, by now, a »small fixture«. We are constantly expending our product range with new Laser-Cut minis for the track scales H0, TT, and N. The sets are available at a favourable price, and they will find a place on any model railway layout. They bring life and detail to any scene. Just let yourself be inspired by the variety of themes and products! It is the small things that are important in life, and the same is true for your model landscape.

The »Sauna with View« Laser-Cut minis Kit is available for 1:87 scale model railway layouts (H0 tracks). This small, but filigree kit is surely a real eye-catcher on your model railway layout. Whose eyes arent drawn to the nude sauna visitors? :-).
The building consists of a resting area and the main sauna with a typical heater. There, however, are separate entrances. There are a variety of different ways to improve your sauna experience, such as the inclusion of honey, salt water, or different aromas. Seating in the sauna improves your health and relaxes..
In order to ensure that you can bring a little bit of reality to your model railway hobby, NOCH offers the high-quality Laser-Cut Kit online at a favourable price.

A sauna (plural saunas, Finnish sauna; also called steam room or Finnish bath) is a close room that is heated by the sauna heater to between 80° and 105° Celsius. In Germany, saunas are often placed in a public swimming facility or in a fitness studio. They can, and are often, be combined with other installations, such as steam rooms, or hot air baths. In Finland, there are considerably more private saunas than public ones. (Source: Wikipedia).



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