Wiking 33403 DKW speed van box van "DKW Kundendienst"

DKW speed van box van "DKW Kundendienst"

DKW speed van box van 'DKW Kundendienst'
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DKW speed van box van 'DKW Kundendienst'

On the road in service of the loyal DKW driver

The DKW van was the solution provider when the two-speed did not want to perform as required by its owner. The emphasis was on service, and DKW was able to delight in quickly visible workshop partners in almost all areas of post-war Germany. These not only took care of maintenance, up until the 1960s they were also reliable sales partners which sent registration figures soaring. With the DKW 3=6, WIKING completed the service duo, which included the DKW Junior. From 1955 to 1962 the Type 3 DKW speed van was built with a three cylinder 896 cc engine of 32 HP. The van was a versatile vehicle for the first transport tasks in local delivery and distribution traffic.


Service for The little wonder

Body pearl white, chassis with bumpers in black, interior brown. Inserted steering wheel, black. Flat pastel blue imprint on the sides. Body front with silver-painted door handles, ornamental strips and DKW logo. Also with DKW 3=6 lettering imprinted silver. Body flanks with Pastel blue DKW logo and Kundendienst lettering on pastel blue background. Body rear with red tail lights and red imprinted reflectors. Pearl white DKW logo on pastel blue background. Wheel rims pearl white with silver hubcaps.


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