Futaba T6K Sändare T-FHSS R3006SB

Sändare T-FHSS R3006SB

Sändare T-FHSS R3006SB
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Sändare T-FHSS R3006SB.

The Futaba 6K has T-FHSS AIR telemetry system. It is a high-performance radio that it has not only Airplane and Helicopter mode but also Multicopter and glider mode. The 6K has a text-to-speech function from audio output connector. So you can make sure of telemetry data safely without take your eyes off from your flying body. It is also equipped with vibrator function to inform you such as voltage drop. The 6K also supports Futaba S-FHSS system receiver. So you can also use R2006GS (S-FHSS system does not support telemetry function).

Telemetry system
A T-FHSS Air bidirectional communication system is used. The voltage of the battery mounted in the fuselage can be displayed at the transmitter during flight. Altitude, temperature and R.P.M data can be displayed at the transmitter by installing various optional telemetry sensors in the fuselage.

Speech function
Telemetry data can be listened to by plugging commercial earphones into the transmitter.

Built-in antenna
Antenna built into the transmitter provides a simple appearance and improves handling ease.

S.BUS/S.BUS2 servo setting function
S.BUS/S.BUS2 servo channel and various functions can be set by connecting the servo to the transmitter.

Power-saving type transmitter
Four AA's alkaline batteries can be used. The optional HT5F1800B (NiMH 6.0V, 1800mA) or FT2F2100BV2 (lithium-ferrite 6.6V, 2100mA) battery can also be used.

A function that notifies the operator of various alarms by vibrating the transmitter can be selected.

Unique model memory system
The transmitter body contains a 30 model memory.

Mixing type selection
Fixed wing, helicopter, and glider mixing type can be selected to match the fuselage. In addition, 6 swash plate types can also be selected for helicopters. Multi-copter selection is also possible.

Digital trim
Rapid trimming during flight is possible. The sound changes at the center of trim. The step size can be arbitrarily changed. The trim position is displayed on the LCD.

Lever head length adjustment
The lever head length can be adjusted. Lever head shape that reduces slip during operation has been adopted.

Switch/VR position change and AUX channel function change
Mixing and other switches and VR can be selected. Since the function of the AUX channels (5ch, 6ch) can also be changed, original mixing, in addition to existing mixing, can be created by using the programmable mixing function.

Model data transfer function
Model data can be wirelessly transferred between 6K.

System Features:
30-model memory
Function Voice Telemetry
8-character model naming & User name
Trims: with storage of digital values
Functions: (ATV / EPA) by the end of servo travel adjustment
Stroke Servo: 3 settings and exponential function (EXP)
4 switches / potentiometer 1
Failsafe: adjustable lanes 1-6
Mixes planes and helicopters
2.4 GHz T-FHSS Air / S-FHSS
Offset neutral
Trainer Mode
Servo Monitor
Adjustable battery alarm under multiple voltages
Audible and vibrating alarms
S.BUS Port

Helicopter Features:
5-Point Throttle curve 1 priority to gas
Adjust not hover
Curve not 5 points, prioritize gas 1 + 2
Mixing device not / rear rotor
Swashplate Mixing / no
Menu development of the gyro gain
Swash plate types: H-1, HR3 (120°),H-3 , HE3, HN3 (120°) & H-2

Aircraft Features:
2 programs mixing devices
Trim Flaperon
Mixing Flaperon / Differential
Mixing V-tail
Delta Mixing
Output 2nd aileron choice 6, 5, 4, 3 on track

Optional Telemetry Sensors when using R3006SB receiver:
Temperature sensor (loop): SBS-01T
Temperature sensor (EP models): SBS-01TE
Altitude sensor: SBS-01A
RPM sensor magnet type: SBS-01RM
RPM sensor optical type: SBS-01RO
RPM sensor brushless motor type: SBS-01RB
(Additionally the SBS-01V telemetry sensor for external voltage can be used together with the optional R3008SB receiver)

Receivers that can be used:
T-FHSS Air: R3006SB & R3008SB (Note, R304SB, R304SB-E T-FHSS Surface system receivers does not work with T6K)
S-FHSS: R2008SB, R2006GS & R2106GF (No telemetry functions)

R3006SB 2.4GHz T-FHSS S.Bus Receiver for T6K
The included R3006SB T-FHSS Air Receiver is S.BUS compatible and features Dual-Antenna Diversity - it also comes equipped to handle high voltage applications.

R3006SB Specifications:
T-FHSS Air 2.4G system
Dual antenna diversity
S.BUS, S.BUS2 system
Power Requirement: 4.8 - 7.4V Batteries
Battery F/S Voltage: It's set-up with the transmitter
Size: 43.1 x 25 x 8.8 mm
Weight: 8.5 g


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