Futaba T4PV T4PV Rattradio T/S-FHSS med R304SB mottagare

T4PV Rattradio T/S-FHSS med R304SB mottagare

T4PV Rattradio T|S-FHSS med R304SB mottagare
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T4PV Rattradio T/S-FHSS med R304SB mottagare.

Futaba T4PV - 4-Channel Car & Boat Radio with Telemetry
Some RCers are born to bash, others are driven to race. One radio is designed to bring out your best. Featuring T-FHSS protocol the 4PV provides live telemetry data of your vehicle's temperature, RPM, receiver and external voltage levels. Audible alerts via audio jack allow you to focus on driving while staying in the know.

With adjustable throttle position, throttle tension, steering tension and 5-optional accessories the 4PV offers customizable ergonomics to make the radio uniquely yours.

The 4PV is compatible with two T-FHSS receivers and six S-FHSS receivers and is updateable via the CIU-2 and CIU-3 interface ensuring your 4PV keeps up to date with Futaba's latest technological innovations. To get the most out of your vehicle and 4PV use the included R304SB T-FHSS receiver.

T-FHSS and S-FHSS protocols
Large backlit LCD screen
Telemetry functions with logging capabilities and audible alerts
Six digital trims
40-model memory
10-character model naming
S.BUS/S.BUS2 servo programming
Direct Model Select
Model Copy/Model Clear
Alarm tone adjustments
Fail Safe
Dial trim step select
Data transfer/copy
Firmware updatable via CIU-2 or CIU-3
Compatible with 2S LiFe batteries, NiMHs, dry cells and other battery options

T4PV Basic Functions:
2.4GHz Modulation:
4-channel T-FHSS
4-channel S-FHSS

Servo Frame Rates:
T-FHSS: 3.3/15ms
S-FHSS: 6.8/13.6ms

Switch Dial Functions:
6x Digital Trim (4x @ wheel & 2x @ grip)
1x Digital Dial
1x Push Switch
1x Push Lock Switch

Edit Key:
4x Push Switch
1x Jog Lever (Up/Down/Left/Right/Push)

Dot Matrix 128x64 dot
69 x 34 mm
Back Light
Display Switch (allows adjustments in the settings without turning on the RF signal)
Adjustable Contrast

3x Blue

TX Antenna:
Adjustable Angle


Steering Wheel:
Adjustable Spring Tension
Adjustable Position and Angle (APA - Optional)

Throttle Trigger:
Ajustable Spring Tension
Adjustable Position (front/back)

Grip Pad:
2 types (optional)

TX Battery:
Low Battery Alarm (adjustable)
Charge Jack (for NiMH)
4x AA Alkaline (not included)
5 cell NiMH (not included)
2S 6.6V LiFe (not included)


Telemetry Functions (T-FHSS):
1x Temperature
1x RPM
1x RX Voltage
1x External Voltage

Telemetry Log Memory:
Cycle: 0.1-60s
Steps: 200

Telemetry Data Speech:
Through Earphone (optional)

Servo Link:
S-Link (external battery is needed)

MC Link (Futaba ESC's):

Model Memory: 40
Model Name: 10 charachters
Direct Model Select
Model Copy
Model Clear
User Name: 10 charachter
Adjustable Alarm Tone
Fail Safe
Digital Trim Step Select
Program Updates: Through CIU-2/3 Interface

Up Timer
Down Timer
Lap Timer
Lap Memory: 100 laps & Total

1x Programmable
4WS (Four Wheel Steering)
Flash (CPS-1 unit)
Steering (with adjustable ackerman)
Throttle (use the programmable mix)

Adjustable Servo Functions:
Digital Steering Neutral Trim
Digital Steering Trim Rate
Steering Reverse
Steering Dual Rates
Steering EPA (End Point Adjustements)
Steering Exponential
Steering Sub Trim
Steering Servo Speed (turn and return)
Throttle Neutral Trim
Throttle Trim Rate
Throttle Reverse
Throttle EPA (End Point Adjustements)
Throttle ATL (Adjustable Brake)
Throttle Exponential
Throttle Sub Trim
Throttle Servo Speed
Throttle Acceleration
Throttle Preset (Throttle Hold)

Channel 3 & 4:
CH3 Reverse
CH3 Steps
CH3 End Point Adjustement
CH3 Sub Trim
CH3 Brake
CH3 A.B.S.
CH4 Reverse
CH4 End Point Adjustement
CH4 Sub Trim
CH4 A.B.S.

R304SB Receiver (included):
External antenna (200 mm long)
Size: L35 x W23.3 x H8.5/12.5 mm
Weight: 6.6 g
Power: 4.8-7.4V batteries (Voltage range: 3.5-8.4V)


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