Wiking 51702 Flatbed tractor trailer (Scania 111 ) 'M.A.T.'

Flatbed tractor trailer (Scania 111 ) "M.A.T."

Flatbed tractor trailer (Scania 111 ) 'M.A.T.'
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Flatbed tractor trailer (Scania 111 ) 'M.A.T.'

The Scania in shuttle transport crossing the English channel

Driver's cab roof, as well as front bumpers, chassis and wheels sapphire blue. Driver's cab upper part and lower part light blue. Interior grey blue. Fifth wheel plate silver. Flat-bed trailer sapphire blue with silver cardboard insert. Front hand-painted headlamps. Driver's cab front with silver Scania lettering and type designation 111'. Projecting grille fins sapphire blue. Driver's cab side with silver door handle, as well as company lettering 'M.A.T' with 'Cardiff' lettering underneath in sapphire blue. Side indicators yellow orange. Trailer chassis with axle mounting, tarp and wheels sapphire blue. Tarp silver imprint on both sides with lettering 'Great Britain Continent V.V.' as well as 'ACJ-M.A.T.'. Tarps front imprinted with logo lettering 'ACJ-M.A.T.'. Side imprint on side of flat-bed with silver lettering 'Amsterdam Wuppertal London Dunkirk'.'


New combo for crossing the English Channel


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