NWSL 49-4 Skärmaskin "The Chopper"

Skärmaskin "The Chopper"

Skärmaskin 'The Chopper'
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Skärmaskin 'The Chopper', skärmaskin på en bräda, för skärning/kapning av olika profilmaterialer, trä eller typ Evergreens styrenplast, i olika vinklar eller gering.
Kan skäras i 30, 45 och 60 grader, även på fri hand såklart.

One of the most useful tools ever for model builders working in wood or styrene strip
materials. An economical rigid, precision tool for cutting model building stripwood and plastic
material to length quickly, cleanly. Provides clean, neat, feather free & accurate cuts easily and
inexpensively using easily obtainable and economical single edge razor blades.
Unlike some other cutting tools, The CHOPPERs rigid handle design is not only safer than a
movable cutting design, it ensures consistently square straight cuts & accurately angled mitre cuts
everytime. Mitre cuts are a snap with the 30, 45, and 60 degree guides included.
An adjustable stop permits the exact duplication of pieces up to 3-1/4' length (see CHOPPER III for
working longer finished pieces, see CHOPPER II #69-4 for premium die cast aluminum base, replaceable cutting surface version
of #49-4). Great for car decking, ties, trestle building, miniatures parts, and 1,000 other modeling uses.
Completely assembled and ready to use. Including installed razor blade.
Cautionvery sharp cutting tool (razor blade) Recommended for adult craftsmen or with adult supervision of less experienced
users. Work area: 5.25' x 7.5' Base: 7.5' x 7.5' Weight: 0 lb-9.5 oz.