Noch 08750 Pulversnö, 200 gram

Pulversnö, 200 gram

Pulversnö, 200 gram

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Pulversnö, 200 gram.

Glittering, white powder for reproducing winter landscapes
for sprinkling,
200 g package

When the first snowflakes dance through the air towards the end of the year, not only children's eyes light up! Winter must be white, - that simply belongs in our latitudes. With the winter-themed products, you can now bring these beautiful landscapes to your model layout.
You can create a fascinating winter landscape on your model railway layout with NOCH Powdery Snow. How it completely changes the atmosphere of your model landscape will be sure to inspire you!
An advantage of the Powdery Snow ist that you can design an excellent temporary winter atmosphere. The special white, glittering powder is water-repellent and can be removed from your layout with a hoover, leacing no residue. For a permanent winter landscape, the powder can be fixed.


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