German Tank Destroyer Marder III M "Normandy Front"

German Tank Destroyer Marder III M "Normandy Front"

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German Tank Destroyer Marder III M "Normandy Front", plastbyggsats.

Called to Normandy
The Marder III M was the last of three German tank destroyer variants based upon the captured Czechoslovak 38(t) tank, and sported a powerful 7.5cm gun in an open-top fighting compartment. As the Allies pushed on from their Normandy landings in June 1944, Marder III Ms were on the scene in a largely defensive struggle against enemy armor.

About the Model
?This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 149.5mm, width: 61mm.

?The distinctive, compact form of the AFV is captured with aplomb.

?Detailed interior really catches the eye.

?Assembly type tracks feature single piece straight sections.

?12 depictions of shells are included, and can be stowed in the rack.

?Features a photo-etched part to capture the muffler cover.

?Includes four full body figures and one torso, plus two marking options.

?The Marder III M form is captured in style, with figures in realistic pose providing a real sense of action.

?The latest scanning techniques were used in the creation of officer, gunner and loader figures.

?One-piece straight runs on the tracks allow for capture of upper run "sag." Guide horns are also depicted.

?A detailed interior features separate parts for breech section, radio and more. Shells and rack are included.

?Driver torso figure is also included in the kit. Note hatch underside detail, tools and accessories.


?At the rear, a photo-etched muffler cover adds detail. This image shows two of the crew in action pose

?The Panzer grenadier is depicted standing outside of the AFV, with helmet donned and a slung MP40.