Noch 61601 Grundset "Terra Form", 228 delar

Grundset "Terra Form", 228 delar

Grundset 'Terra Form', 228 delar
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Grundset 'Terra Form', 228 delar.

Landscape Framework, 228 parts in total:

  • 50 wooden poles (40 cm each)
  • 1 flexible support pole (100 cm)
  • 36 connectors, 5-way
  • 28 connectors, 3-way
  • 16 connectors, 2-way
  • 16 round, flat connectors, 2-way
  • 48 connectors, 1-way with adhesive pad
  • 4 clamps
  • 12 prop upper plates
  • 12 prop lower plates
  • 4 base plates

You also get to know:

    • 60 x 60 cm NOCH Landscape Crepe Paper

This Is How Your Landscape Substructure Is Created!

TERRA-FORM is the tried and tested and extremely ingenious method of model landscaping: quick and uncomplicated, remarkably lightweight, highly flexible and inexpensive.

Two- to five-way connecting elements made of elastic plastic, into which round poles are inserted in the desired shape, form the basis of the system. The round poles are cut to the desired length and put together.

You don’t need any manual experience for this, and only a few tools: a pair of scissors, a craft knife, a backsaw, a hammer and a hot glue gun. In contrast to the conventional approach, you start by laying out the tracks.

You first set up the rail system and lay all electrical connections on an underlay of your choice (e.g. blockboard, chipboard or solid wood board).

After a test drive, you start designing the landscape – over and around the track layout. The first thing you do is set up the tent-like framework. Since the round poles are only inserted into the connecting elements, the structure can be corrected and changed at any time. With this framework system, a subsequent redesign is just as easy as the ongoing ‘maintenance’ of the rails and the entire technology. When the framework is in place, it is then covered with NOCH Landscape Crepe Paper and now forms your ‘blank terrain’, which you can further develop according to your wishes.


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