Noch 61601 Grundset "Terra Form", 228 delar

Grundset "Terra Form", 228 delar

Grundset 'Terra Form', 228 delar
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Grundset 'Terra Form', 228 delar.

Landscape Framework, 228 parts in total:

  • 50 wooden poles (40 cm each)
  • 1 flexible support pole (100 cm)
  • 36 connectors, 5-way
  • 28 connectors, 3-way
  • 16 connectors, 2-way
  • 16 round, flat connectors, 2-way
  • 48 connectors, 1-way with adhesive pad
  • 4 clamps
  • 12 prop upper plates
  • 12 prop lower plates
  • 4 base plates

You also get to know:

    • 60 x 60 cm NOCH Landscape Crepe Paper

How to give your landscape its own profile:
The Wooden Support Poles can be cut easiliy to the rigth length. The flexible 5-fold connectors enable to build up a tent-like construction.
The Connectors and the Wooden Poles haven't to be glued. In this way you can change the blank shape of your landscape until it matches completely your requirements. Through the TERRA-FORM Stand Plates and the Connectors the framework is stable on its base. Thanks to the flexible poles some curving ridgeds and jagged overhangs can be created. After the framework meets your expectations the NOCH Landscape Crepe Paper will be glued on.