Amati 600-06 Niña 'Easy to Build'

Niña 'Easy to Build'

Niña 'Easy to Build'

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Niña 'Easy to Build', byggsats med träskrov, med metalldetaljer, fotoetsade delar m.m.

Niña, or the little one, is the ship that housed Christopher Columbus’s cabin.
At the beginning, she featured the characteristic Latin sails, but afterwards she was equipped with square sails.
Being a small size caravel, such as the Pinta was, she was very agile in the manoeuvers, but she need a remarkable ballast to withstand the stormy sea.
Niña is a milestone in the history of sailing and of the whole humanity.

To build this model you do not need any special tool, you just need some glue for wood and a lot of imagination. You can enrich your model with many accessories from the Amati line, just like the pirates did.

Scale: 1:135
Length: 22 cm
Width: 6 cm
Height: 23 cm


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