Master Korabel MK0301 Deck-Boat St. Gabriel 1728 "Museum Quality"

Deck-Boat St. Gabriel 1728 "Museum Quality"

Deck-Boat St. Gabriel 1728 "Museum Quality"

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Deck-Boat St. Gabriel 1728 "Museum Quality", byggsats i trä med handsydda segel av högsta kvalité.

1728 A.D. 1-st Kamchatka Expedition of Vitus Bering by the edict of Peter The Great.

Längd 350 mm

Bredd 150 mm

Höjd 300 mm

Skala 1:72

Manual på Engelska och Ryska

Deck boat "St. Gabriel" was built on the eastern coast of Kamchatka peninsula as an exploration ship for the First Kamchatka expedition of the Russian explorer Vitus Bering in 1728. After the expedition she sailed in the Pacific Ocean for 27 years until 1755.

Many historical events are linked to this ship including the first crossing of the Arctic Circle in Chukchi Sea by Europeans in 1728, discovery of Alaska in 1732 and the first visit to Japan by Russians in 1739. 

- All hull planking and details are laser cut.

- Double planking

- The marked bevel on frames.

- A special hull design that compensates materials deformation. 

- Detailed photo instructions and drawings.

- Patterns and cloth for the sail sewing.


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