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Turntable with 8 Spoke Tracks

This model is designed for recessed installation into a layout baseboard. It has 8 spoke tracks on the outer edge of the turntable pit. It can be expanded to 24 spoke tracks with the 89971 edge segments that snap onto the edge of the turntable.The turntable has extensive detailing and prototypical paintwork. The turntable platform is operated remotely by a controller that is included. It has a powerful electric motor for a drive mechanism. There is an automatic power shutoff to tracks that are not aligned and in contact with the turntable deck.A Z-gauge locomotive controller is included to ensure a responsive feel when operating locomotives onto the turntable and from the turntable to the stall tracks, as well as through the entire railroad maintenance facility area. The necessary power supply is also included. External turntable diameter 170 mm / 6-11/16'. Deck length 132 mm / 5-3/16'. The diameter of the opening required for installation on a baseboard is 145 mm / 5-11/16'. The installation depth when the wires are connected directly to the turntable is approximately 30 mm / 1-3/16'. When plugs are used with the wires, the depth is approximately 50 mm / 2'.

The roundhouse to go with this turntable is offered under item number 89835.Can be expanded with 89971.

Prototypical turntable.
Controller for the turntable, a Z locomotive controller, and a power supply included.

Märklin Nyhet 2017.


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