Wiking 04203 VW 1600 Variant "Fuchs"

VW 1600 Variant "Fuchs"

VW 1600 Variant "Fuchs"

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VW 1600 Variant "Fuchs".

With the estate car version of the VW 1600 Volkswagen landed a major hit in the industrial service sector as early as the late 1960s. Whenever the T1 simply proved to be too voluminous for the technician jobs at hand, the design of the Variant with its engine in the rear offered technicians a pared-down, yet agile alternative. It added the mobility Fuchs’ customer service department needed to allow their technicians to repair the excavators directly on the building yards or at the construction site. Following up on the previous success of the Mercedes-Benz L319, WIKING is now introducing a second service vehicle. This makes the VW 1600 Variant virtually predestined to become part of a contemporary diorama scenery!

Year manufacture

Character of model
Keeping the technicians of the Fuchs excavator mobile

Body brilliant blue, interior pigeon blue. Chassis silver, black hubcap with VW engraving. Hand-painted headlamps. Silver VW logo on the bonnet, front indicators imprinted orange. Red tail lights. Side door imprint with white Fuchs logo and the lettering “Fuchs-Bagger”. Silver door handles and ornamental strip plus orange side indicators.