Märklin 81510 Solcellsdriven startsats
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Solcellsdriven startsats

Solcellsdriven startsats
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Solcellsdriven startsats.

Sollcellselektroniken fungerar inte längre, däremot fungerar banan om man matar den med 9-volts batteri, vilken den också är avsedd för. 

Producerades under åren 2002-2005.

  • Powered by solar energy.
  • Independence from electrical outlets by means of photovoltaic process.
  • The joining of proven technology with innovative power supply.
  • Trend product for discussions about energy.

Small model railroad in a briefcase, powered by a solar module and free of electrical power outlets. Contents: Model electric locomotive based on the class 120, comes with a 5-pole motor. Both trucks are powered. 1 refrigerator car. 1 flat car for containers. Straight track, curved track and feeder track mounted on a landscaped board. Locomotive controller. Rechargeable battery and charge indicator for battery. Models not available separately. Train length 201 mm / 7-15/16".

The locomotive with the cars can be operated with electrical power supplied directly from the solar module or from appropriate rechargeable batteries that are charged up by the solar module. A solar module is mounted on the upper surface of the briefcase to produce the necessary solar current. A power pack is included that can be plugged into the scenery board in place of the solar module, so that this briefcase layout can be operated on cloudy days. A built-in locomotive controller is used to operate the locomotive.


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