Russian launch vehicle S-400 "Triumf" SA-21 Growler

Russian launch vehicle S-400 «Triumf» SA-21 Growler


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Russian launch vehicle S-400 «Triumf» SA-21 Growler, längd 18,6 cm, totalt antal delar 283 st, plastbyggsats.

Triumf S-400 (NATO code SA-21 Growler) is a Russian anti-missile and anti-aircraft system of long- and medium-range, developed by the Almaz-Antey Space Company and intended to intercept aircrafts, drones, strategic cruise and ballistic missiles up to an altitude of 27.000 m. Triumf was created on the base of the existing  C-300 missile system , but has significantly better tactical and technical capabilities (considering efficiency, link range and variety of targets). The system consists of command post and radar equipment with which links up to 6 air defence systems. Each system has multi-functional radar equipment and up to 12 launch tubes with different types of missiles. All Triumf AA systems are mounted on special vehicles with cross-country ability. The S-400 is in service in Russia since 2007 and exported to  China, Turkey, Belarus, India with other countries in negotiation.


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