Hobby Boss 82930 Russian URAL-4320

Russian URAL-4320

Russian URAL-4320


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Russian URAL-4320, längd 102,5 mm, bredd 33,3 mm, totalt antal delar 40+, plastbyggsats.

3 sprues , cab , frame , carriage and tires

The Ural-4320 is a general purpose off-road 6x6 truck, produced at the Ural Automotive Plant inMiass,Russiafor use in the Russian army. Introduced in 1976, it is still in production today. The wheel arrangement for the Ural-4320 was designed for transporting cargo, people and trailers on all types of roads and terrain. It also serves as a launching platform for the BM-21 "Grad" rocket launcher.

The Ural-4320 is a diesel-powered development of the Ural-375D. The Ural-4320 chassis has good ground clearance, so it is preferred in regions where roads are difficult to traverse due to sand or big rocks. The Ural-4320 is reliable and easy to repair and maintain.

The kit consists of over 40 parts
-Newly tooled parts in accurate detail
-Rubber tires



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