Wiking 38102 Hay loader - may green/white

Hay loader - may green/white

Hay loader - may green/white


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Hay loader - may green/white.

Speeding up the hay harvest for small farming operations

In the eighties, agriculture in Germany was still a long way off from employing large-volume tractor combinations - and harvesting hay was still a rather tranquil activity. Emblematic of these rather quaint times is the hay loader that WIKING is now bringing back by revitalising the moulds of its modern classic tractor combinations. The rotating pick-up between draw-bar and superstructure allows the tractor combination to load the hay with ease, while this compact single-axle hay loader affords the farmer greater flexibility when working in areas of small size. The prototype of WIKING’s hay loader allowed to substantially optimise its efficiency as a link in the harvest chain and save the farmer the chore of loading the hay manually. Since WIKING designed the hay loader in the 1990s as a match with the light and medium-duty tractors used in agriculture at the time, the hay loader used to allow and still allows for a large number of combination options with the miniature tractors included in the product range.


Harvest specialist of the nineties

Chassis with side panels and support wheel may green. Hay pick-up in black-grey. Inserted pure white collection grate. Wheel rims carmine red.