Wiking 67710 Rear tipper semi-truck (Hanomag Henschel) - greybeige
New 1:87

Rear tipper semi-truck (Hanomag Henschel) - greybeige

Rear tipper semi-truck (Hanomag Henschel) - greybeige

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Rear tipper semi-truck (Hanomag Henschel) - greybeige

Contemporaries among themselves: Hanomag-Henschel with rear tipper

This is exactly how the contemporaries in the seventies experienced construction site deliveries! With the rear tipper semi-trailer Hanomag-Henschel added the missing piece to the semi-truck that was decked out with the wooden planks typical of the time.

By using new moulds to create a historical skip seated on the tried-and-tested chassis, the traditional model makers managed to reflect the spirit of the time exceedingly well on a 1:87 scale. Now launching the fourth rear tipper semi-truck version already, WIKING is letting a dump semi-trailer roll into the line-up that became widely popular in the late sixties.

Most widely used for construction material, the road trains that used to commonly supply the construction sites slowly but surely lost ground to semi-trucks as they were simply more manoeuvrable and capable of carrying the same heavy loads. This model comes with skip panels on the rear that are arranged to move freely.

Shaped in a new mould, the dump semi-trailer boasts rear tipper functionality, allowing it to seamlessly assimilate into the extensive type selection of construction vehicles that WIKING has miniaturised so far.

Year manufacture 1969-71

Character of model Modern construction site classic ready for anything

Driver's cab beige-grey, interior black. Chassis with Trilex wheels carmine red. Fifth wheel plate silver. Silver Hanomag Henschel on the front, door handles painted silver. Fender edges and bumper imprinted black. Indicators orange. Tail lights imprinted red. Semi-trailer with carmine red chassis, Trilex wheels and tipper receptacle. Beige-grey tipper skip with tailgate. Tail lights imprinted red.


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