Wiking 43203 Flatbed road train (MB) "Transit Transport"

Flatbed road train (MB) "Transit Transport"

Flatbed road train (MB) 'Transit Transport'

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Flatbed road train (MB) 'Transit Transport'

The cubic combination of the Transit Transport 7111 forwarder

If you bother to run a lorry fleet, run it under the Mercedes-Benz star! Subscribing to this sentiment in the seventies, Flensburg forwarder Transit Transport 7111 dispatched this cubic combination onto the road, gradually replacing the Pullman generation. The two-axle lorry pulled a then typical tri-axle trailer. But there's more: Equally distinctive for Transit Transport 7111 was the blue lorry paintwork and the characteristic identification of the forwarder, which was arranged above the front of driver's cab and has been given a contemporary design by WIKING. Heinrich Peter Petersen founded the forwarding company at the port of Flensburg in 1947, and a new forwarding facility in the Schleswiger Strasse in Flensburg was opened in 1962. Back then, the Millipede was the first trailer combination operated by the Petersen forwarding company - and incorporated into the series by WIKING some time ago.


Logistics modern classic from Northern Germany

Driver's cab gentian blue, black radiator grille with ornamental trim painted silver plus Mercedes-Benz star. Interior light grey. Headlamps hand-painted in silver. Chassis with cardan part, bumper and double fenders carmine red. Flatbed gentian blue, folding top pebble grey. Base insert silver, wheels carmine red. Drivers cab with silver ornamental strips and door handles. Logo TTF 7111 on doors of the driver's cab. Side of flatbed printed with white lettering Transit Transport Flensburg. Peak of folding top with Transit Transport 7111 lettering and company logo on a blue background. Trailer with gentian blue flatbed and pebble grey folding top, as well as carmine red chassis, swing axle and wheels. Flatbed insert silver. Side of flatbed printed with white lettering Transit Transport Flensburg. White 7111 lettering on the rear with tail lights imprinted red.


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