Wiking 33404 DKW speedvan box van "Büssing Kundendienst"

DKW speedvan box van "Büssing Kundendienst"

DKW speedvan box van 'Büssing Kundendienst'

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DKW speedvan box van 'Büssing Kundendienst'

Büssing used this two-stroke van to call on their customers

Whenever they needed to travel quickly, Büssing's customer service department relied on the DKW speed van. This agile and compact vehicle allowed the Braunschweig technicians to swiftly arrive at their work location. With this vehicle, WIKING is complementing their series of historic models that boast the colours of the Büssing company. To date, WIKING has crafted an impressive line of contemporary miniatures that serve as reminders of Büssings hayday under the sign of the Brunswick Lion. From 1955 to 1962 the Type 3 DKW speed van was built with a three cylinder 896 cc engine of 32 HP. The DKW speed van 3=6 is engineered as a compact box van, creating a bridge to the years of postwar reconstruction - the grand times of Büssing! The DKW van was valued by Büssing's customer service as a versatile vehicle for the first transport tasks in local delivery and distribution traffic. The prototype was designated 3=6 because, according to a quite daring advertising copy from Auto Union at the time, its engine provided three power pulses per crankshaft rotation, just like a four-stroke six cylinder engine.


Service for the citizens of Braunschweig

Body light red orange, interior pebble grey. Chassis and steering wheel black. Büssing lettering on the side with brand logo and customer service information imprinted in cobalt blue. Door handles, ornamental strips and DKW rings painted silver. DKW lettering 3=6 imprinted silver. Window frames in black. Side door handles, as well as ornamental strips, in silver. Tail lights imprinted red.


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