Noch 44521 Sittande personer, 6 st
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Sittande personer, 6 st

Sittande personer, 6 st


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Sittande personer, 6 st.

3D Master Figures

The set contains six 3D printed, seated figures made of plastic. 

The set includes an elderly couple with a walking stick and handbag. On the green bench included in the set sits a couple with a child. Three shopping bags are leaning against the woman's legs. The child wears a straw hat.

The sitting model railway figures are perfect for park benches, beer gardens or for the train compartment.

The NOCH 3D PROFI Figures are 3D printed and in colour! Even the smallest details become visible with this fantastic technology. Whether checked shirts, striped blouses or colour grading and gradients, full-colour 3D printing makes it possible.


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